Drawbar Dave

Vintage Valve Tonewheel Hammond Organ and Leslie Speaker Specialist. Valve Lowrey Organs, Vintage Keyboards Serviced and Repaired. Custom One Off Builds. Touring Preparation. On Site Repairs.

Paul Carrack

Paul Carrack Official

Paul has a pristine late 60's Hammond B3 and an early Leslie 122 in his home studio. To keep it in perfect condition the Leslie has had a mechanical overhaul and the Hammond and Leslie amps health checked and recapped. You can hear this organ on Paul's new album "One on One". 

I have been privileged to hear "One on One" ahead of it's launch and it is a fantastic record. Fans of Hammond organ and Wurlitzer Electric Piano will not be disappointed! Paul sang and played every instrument (except horns) and engineered and produced the record himself during lockdown. 

In the UK you can pre-order it here: https://carrack-uk.shopfactory.com/

Steve Winwood

Steve Winwood Official

I am privileged to be responsible for Steve's UK collection of Hammonds and Leslies and synths for studio and live work. I carry out preventative maintenance, repairs and design custom mods and gadgets as required. Steve is the first person to use various combo preamps from my updated range. One of them is designed for guitar inputs and the other two take an 11 pin output from a clone and convert it to a 145 input.

In June 2021 I delivered the new B3 that I built for Steve. Like the famous Hammond C3 that was used on Traffic and Blind Faith recordings (and of course with Jimi Hendrix), this B3 has a second preamp to handle the lower manual and pedals in a separate channel which is what gave him his signature sound. It's always a blessing to sit with Steve in the studio and listen to his playing and there is a short snippet of footage on his Facebook page taken from that session.

Rory More/Les Hommes

Les Hommes on Facebook

Rory was one of my first professional clients and has a vast body of recorded work as a solo artist and as a member of Les Hommes and Wyllowe. As well as being an accomplished Hammond organist he is best known for bringing the sonic mystery that is the Lowrey Heritage Deluxe organ back into the public consciousness. While a new solo album is currently in the works, if you like the sound of the Lowrey jazz, listen to "The Sinner" by Les Hommes. It's never off the turntable for long in our house!

Fans of Rory will be pleased to know that he has a new record called "Through the dappled dell" due for release in mid April.

Jeff Leach

Jeff has played and recorded with Barclay James Harvest, Brian May, Van Morrison among many others and was a founding band member/programmer on the Queen musical "We Will Rock You".  He owns a recording studio in West Sussex containing a Hammond C3 and Leslie 147. The organ has benefitted from a recapped amplifier and the Leslie from a recapped crossover. I am also in the process of overhauling the pedal switching system.

Jeff's Website

The London Jazz Organ aka Greg Boraman aka The Fantastics

The London Jazz Organ (Facebook)

The Fantastics Official Website

Greg Boraman Discogs Credits

London jazz organist/bandleader/DJ/presenter Greg enlisted my help late last year in getting the organ ready for 2020. As well as hiring out his C3/147 rig he uses it on his own projects too!

This 1961-1962 Hammond C3 and Leslie 147 has been played by some of the biggest names in organ jazz, including Jimmy Smith (!), Big John Patton, Reuben Wilson. Cory Henry, Dr Lonnie Smith, Doug Carn, Brian Auger, Delvon Lamarr, Kyle Kohler, Brian Charette, Adam Scone, Ike Stubblefield and James Taylor and is the go-to rig for live London shows. Throughout the winter and spring 2019-2020 we have carried out some maintenance work at the request of the owner; on the C3 some wiring, the addition of an active EQ, replacement key and most recently a scanner service which means the chorus now sounds better than ever. The Leslie also had it's motor stacks tweaked for silent operation and a drop of oil.

Ross Stanley

Ross is an extremely sought after jazz organist and pianist. I highly recommend you look him up on Google and Youtube. I had the privilege of carrying out some repair work on his 1964 Hammond C3 and his early 60's C3 chop. The 1964 C3 was one of those crossover models with a mixture of mylar and wax caps on the tone generator. Where the wax caps had gone up in value and strangled the treble, the midrange was still strong because they were mylar caps. The organ did not sound nice at all. My belief is that each organ has to be evaluated on it's own individual sound. Some wax capped organs sound beautiful, for example "The London Jazz Organ" mentioned elsewhere on this site, where as others sound bad. The 1964 C3 fell into the latter category. I recapped the tone generator and then recalibrated it to sound similar to one of my own recapped organs which Ross had played and liked the sound of. The organ's vibrato scanner made some strange noises so I rebuilt that too whilst adding a new contact spring. The drawbar box was stripped, cleaned and rebuilt and all of the keys were removed and cleaned while the manuals were cleaned out. I added variable chorus and perc level pots along with line in and line out in a custom chassis below the manuals.

For the chopped C3 that Ross tours with and uses for studio work, I carried out some emergency repairs prior to the Nigel Price 2020 tour. 

I also carried out a full service and some trouble shooting on Ross's favourite Leslie 142. This consisted of amplifier repairs, all new bearings and mounting rubbers. The motors were stripped down, cleaned, oiled, reinstalled and adjusted for quiet reliable operation.

Richard Dunn

In between playing and recording Hammond Organ for Van Morrison, Richard has brought his Hammond B3 and A100 to me for extensive repairs and servicing including gooey foam removal and associated manual wiring repairs, scanner rebuilds, preamplifier recapping, some rewiring and some secret mods! This is the second B3 that I have worked on this year, is a rare UK voltage 50hz model and an absolute beauty to look at and play.

Richard's Website

Matt Cooper (Incognito)

Matt Cooper Discogs Credits

Matt is a successful jazz-funk keyboard player, producer and musical director best known for his work with Incognito amongst many other projects.

Several years ago I helped him find a Hammond A100 for his London studio. When our schedules have allowed, I have given it a major service including; recapping the preamplifier, power amplifier and reverb amplifier. Customisation work includes; A line in, an adjustable line out with mixed dry and reverb signal, a remote control for his Neo Vent so that it can be controlled from the organ's three speed half moon switch and separate mute switches for the main and reverb speakers which allows Matt to send anything he wants from the mixing desk though the organ preamp and reverb which can then be recorded via the line out or via the reverb speaker in isolation. It sounds fantastic!

Delimusic Studio (London)


In 2019 I carried out a major service on their Korg CX3, Hammond A100 and Leslie Speaker. Work included completely recapping the CX3, replacing all of the switches and locating and replacing a rare integrated chip that had failed. After many years it is back in use. 

For the Hammond I repaired a couple of drawbar wires, completely rebuilt the non working reverb amp, repaired the reverb tank, built and installed a 9 pin hookup including a three speed halfmoon switch that blended dry and reverb signal to the Leslie and added a line in and adjustable line out jack with speaker muting function. The Leslie had a new male socket installed.

I also built one of my passive control boxes for their Leslie so that a guitar preamp could be fed into it whilst speed control could be effected with a quiet synth footswitch (rather than the traditional noisy stomp switch).

Vinylizor Studio (London)


Last year I was called in to carry out a vibrato scanner service on their Hammond RT3 and recap the vibrato line box. I have also supplied them with one of my bespoke active Leslie control boxes which take a speaker level input and a weak signal, such as a guitar though an EQ and preamp at the same time and combine them to a single output to the Leslie 147. Again speed switching is done silently with a 1/4 jack synth footswitch.

Forever Living Originals (Record Label)


These guys took the monumental step of acquiring a Hammond B3, Leslie 22H and a PR-40 tone cabinet from Canada where they run on 117 volts/60 cycles. I was able to help by installing a Trek II frequency converter and supplying a stepdown transformer capable of handling the load of the organ and both speakers. I then went through the entire rig checking that everything was as it should be ready for recording!